The dancehall star gets 'Back To Basics'...

Beenie Man is preparing to release his first album since his near-death experience earlier this year.

The dancehall star was involved in a car smash while driving on mountainous roads just outside Kingston in January. “There was no time to turn or stop so I went straight over,” he said. “After the accident happened I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t recognise myself.”

Now, fully recovered apart from some residual tearing in his leg muscles, he has finished ‘Back To Basics’, due for release in July through Virgin.

The album features hotshot dancehall producers Dave Kelly, Tony Kelly, Scatta Burrell, Troyton and Don Corleone, as well as a Timbaland track.

Beenie Man said: “Dancehall isn’t like R&B and hip-hop. It’s hardcore music. So when you take it back to basic, you’re really giving people that world. It’s for us to keep the music the Jamaican way, so they can feel exactly what it is.”

He also said that the accident had changed his outlook: “I have to take life more serious. See my kids more. Spend more time with my moms. I almost lost everybody. They didn’t almost lose me, I almost lost everybody.”