Bell X1 get involved in the Control Arms Campaign

Irish stars take Oxfam on tour with them

Bell X1 are set to take Oxfamon tour with them, in order to highlight the charity’s Control Arms Campaign.

The band have donated the song ’Still Selling Shoes’ to the Oxfam’s Generation Why?website.

The track is taken from the bands album ’Flock’.

“Governments spend huge portions of their budget on arms, from the American super-power to the poorest of third world countries. Many arms manufacturers were once at least partly state-owned, and retain cosy ties with governments that pay them huge amounts of money for their arms, and also facilitate the export of arms,” explained the band’s Paul Noonan for his reasons to get involved in the arms campaign.

“Western governments must be called to task for granting arms export licenses in cases where doing so fuels tyranny and oppression, such as in Israel and Indonesia,” he added.