Former Belle & Sebastian bassist writing book about the band

Stuart David’s memoir ‘In The All Night Café’ to be published in February 2015

Former Belle & Sebastian bassist Stuart David is writing a memoir about his time with the band.

‘In The All Night Café’ will be published by Little Brown in February 2015. The book will only cover David’s first 18 months with the band, which he started with singer Stuart Murdoch in 1994. David said the book is named after the popular myth that Belle & Sebastian were formed in 1996 at all-night café in Glasgow.

The book will cover Murdoch and David’s two previous bands, Rhode Island and Lisa Helps The Blind, until the launch party for Belle & Sebastian’s 1996 debut album ‘Tigermilk’. David wrote on his blog: “I’d been keeping a folder on my shelves called ‘Tigermilk’ of things that had never been documented… I thought one day it might make a book.” Revealing that the book is only 55,000 words long – rather than the 70,000 he was initially commissioned to write – David said: “The process of fixing up what needs to be fixed has begun in earnest.”

After leaving Belle & Sebastian in 2000, David formed his own band Looper and released two novels, ‘Nalda Said’ and ‘The Peacock Manifesto’. Peacock Johnson, the main character of ‘The Peacock Manifesto’, appeared in leading crime author Ian Rankin’s 2003 novel ‘A Question Of Blood’.

David has suffered health problems in recent years, but has begun writing and recording again after completing an Open University course in creative writing in 2012. He is completing Looper’s fourth album, their first since 2002’s ‘The Snare’.