What do you think of the group's shock decision NOT to play live in support of their top ten album 'Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant'?...

Belle & Sebastian have decided NOT to play any live dates this year in support of their current album ‘FOLD YOUR HANDS, CHILD, YOU WALK LIKE A PEASANT’ which was released last month through JEEPSTER – a move that’s bound to infuriate their legions of fans.

The band, who scored their biggest hit single yet when ‘Legal Man’ went into the charts at Number 15 in May, originally promised to play a UK tour around the release of their album in June.

But earlier today, their spokesperson revealed to that the wayward Scottish outfit had changed their minds and would now be taking the rest of the year off – and that they wouldn’t be releasing any more singles this year either!

She said: “They’ve just decided to have a year off. The way things stand at the moment, there aren’t going to be any dates this year or any more singles. They could change their minds next week, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

The spokeswoman said the band had offered no explanation for their volte face.”That’s the beauty of Belle And Sebastian,” she said.

It now seems that the band’s only concession to appearing in public to promote their album was May’s fan-club/media only press conference at London’s trendy 10 Rooms bar and an appearance on BBC chart show ‘Top Of The Pops’ .

‘Fold Your Hands Child…’ went straight into the Top 20 when it was released on June 5. Although traditionally, the band have never released a single from any of their previous three albums – ‘Legal Man’ was not on their current LP – it was thought that this time, the band would tread a more traditional path and promote the record with a single – especially as they went as far as to make a promotional video for album track ‘The Wrong Girl’.

Afterwards, however, the band claimed they’d just made the film “for fun” and as ever, were sticking to their unwritten manifesto of never releasing album tracks as singles. No other new material will be forthcoming this year either, their spokeswoman added.

What do you think? Is this a kick in the teeth for Belle And Sebastian’s fans? Or are the band to be applauded for sticking to their ‘No Sell Out’ attitude? Or would you rather sticks pins in your eyes than go see B&S anyway?