Frontman Stuart Murdoch calls for anti-gay law to be banned...

Belle & Sebastian frontman STUART MURDOCH has joined the growing movement demanding the scrapping of controversial law Section 28 law by slamming it as “prejudice pure and simple.”

Speaking exclusively in his fortnightly diary in The Glasgow University Guardian, Murdoch furiously criticised the recent House Of Lords vote that the law, banning the teaching of homosexuality in schools, should stay in place.

Stuart wrote: “In a class of 30 or so kids, two ir three of them will grow up knowing that they are gay. Section 28 denies they exist. It’s prejudice pure and simple. You might as well legislate against left-handedness.”

“‘Class, we know there are left-handed people in the class. We tried in the past to make them write with their other hand, but we were wrong to do that. But if we ignore them, maybe they will die out’.” “I actually think that people are pretty tolerant. I think if you got rid of the clause, nobody would give a shit.”

Stuart also confirmed that B&Sbassist Stuart David had left the band, as announced recently on nme.com.

He said: “He’s got his hands full with Looper, so he’s quite happy to get on with that. We wish him all the best.”

Meanwhile, Belle & Sebastian re-release their first three EP’s in a new slipcase on March 7 through Jeepster. The band have confirmed they have now finished recording and mixing their as-yet-untitled new album. They have been working on it since December 1998 and hope to release it this summer.