The album 'Fold Your Hands, Child..' enters the Billboard Hot 100...

Belle & Sebastian‘s album ‘FOLD YOUR HANDS CHILD, YOU WALK LIKE A PEASANT’ have crossed over from the underground charts in the US into the mainstream of the BILLBOARD HOT 100.

It is the US equivalent of the Top 40, based on a combination of record sales and radio play. Billboard‘s assistant chart production manager, Alex Vitoulis, told that the album entering the chart at Number 80 this week was a significant step up for the band in the States.

Up-and-coming acts are usually included in the ‘Heatseekers’ chart. When a band graduates to the Top 200 in the Billboard chart, it is a step into the mainstream. But to leap straight into the Top 100 is rare.

He said: “Once an artist is hot they reach the Top 100… it is considered mainstream, that means you have reached a wider audience and are well-known. Belle And Sebastian‘s album was expected to go into the ‘Heatseekers’ because they are an underground band. So this is a bigger deal because of that.”

He added that the buzz about the band Stateside is growing rapidly.

The album, which came out in the States through Matador records on June 6, is already selling faster than their last album ‘The Boy With The Arab Strap’, with 17,000 copies sold in the first week. ‘…Arab Strap’ has sold 84,000 copies since it was released in 1998.

A band spokesperson said this morning (June 15) that they were delighted when they heard the news yesterday: “Going in at number 80 in America is pretty unheard of for a British band.”

She also added that despite mounting pressure for them to tour in the States, both the UK and American dates which had been slated for August and September are likely to now be delayed until the end of the year.

Meanwhile the band have unveiled the video for album track ‘The Wrong Girl’ in the States, but a spokesperson said it would not be released as a single, they just decided to make a video for it – the band have famously never released an album track as a single.

Speaking on [url=], drummer Richard Colburn explained the video for the song, penned by guitarist Stevie Jackson. He said: “The video was based around him being born and going through all the stages of his life, y’know, having girlfriends that weren’t quite right and then ending up with the girlfriend he has now, who hopefully is the right girl as opposed to the wrong girl.”