Stuart Murdoch has revealed that the decision was taken "to safeguard the future of the band". But the band will return to the live arena this year...

BELLE & SEBASTIAN singer STUART MURDOCH has said not touring their last album ‘FOLD YOUR HANDS CHILD, YOU WALK LIKE A PEASANT’ was necessary “to safeguard the future of the band”, but plans to play live in the spring, following the release of a new single.

Speaking in a rare interview with Planet Sound on Channel 4’s teletext service last week (February 17), Murdoch described the recording of ‘Fold Your Hands…’ as “extremely tumultuous”. He continued: “All of a sudden, everyone, not just me, was writing songs. That benefits the group enormously, but at the time we weren’t sure how best to harness this sudden great burst of energy from everyone into a cohesive sound.”

He added that the recording of the record was so “hectic” that the band “weren’t in the mood” to tour last year.

However, as previously revealed on NME.COM, Belle & Sebastian have been in the studio working with Mike Hurst.

Murdoch continued: “There are two B&S singles that will definitely be out in late spring and we’ll definitely tour those… We’ve been working with Mike Hurst, who produced Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’, as there’re 25 musicians on one side of the songs and we needed to get outside help. Mike’s the gaffer. I want B&S to sound more adventurous in future.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Murdoch said he is “considering” writing a book of short stories, and is also working with an unknown band called Camera Obscura with whom he is friends.

An exact release date is yet to be set for the release.