Reclusive Scots popsters WILL play live...

Belle & Sebastian have told that they will head out on a major tour early in 2001 and that they are already working on new material.

Speaking during the recent Witnness Festival in Ireland (August 5) Mick Cooke and Richard Colburn from the band said one new track, ‘Take Your Carriage Clock and Shove It’ was nearing completion.

“It’s a new Stuart song,” said Mick, “Stevie (Jackson), myself and Chris (Geddes) have been working on a string part for it.”


Richard added: “We’ve had a few ideas that we’re working away with. Over the next month, we’ll get more new stuff together.”

The pair – playing Witnness as part of their friends’ Snow Patrol live band – said much of the reason for not touring immediately to support the June release of Top 10 album ‘Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant’ was that they wanted to get everything right.

“The album took a long time to do. We just had to take time out to get the show on the road,” explained Mick, “We will be touring at the start of next year so we want to get it right for that.”

“People are kind of tied down to other things just now,” said Richard, “As soon as we can we’re going to really rehearse it and get it right. We learned after the first shows… that if we’re going to do it we have to get it as well as we can.”

The remarks echo both an official statement released to by the band in mid-July, in which they indicated that tour dates would follow later and a new posting (August 8) on their official website [url=] from mainman Stuart Murdoch. It reads: “We had planned to go out and play a lot when we had finished the record. But it took so much longer, and was a bit of a struggle to tell you the truth, that some of us were pretty burned out. It was great at the time though. It’s usually the other way around. Terrible at the time but we can laugh about it now. The irony is that it would have been a great time to play sorry about that. Most of us are so looking forward to it. But I’m sure when the time is right we can pick up again. We learned a lot from making the last record. We’re not going to just forget it all.”

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