Belle & Sebastian will be appearing on-line for a fan chat next month...

Belle & Sebastian will be available for a rare internet interview next month – one of the few times the band has made themselves available for questions.

The band will be online at http://www.totalweb.co.uk/bluesoda/ from 14.00 GMT on March 12. The chat is open to both fans and professional media, and all of the band are expected to take part.

Meanwhile, Belle & Sebastian are expected to release both an EP and their as-yet-untitled third album in the summer. The EP, expected to be called ‘Modern Rock Song’ after the title track, is supposed to be released in June.


The band have been putting the finishing touches on material in Glasgow this month, having recorded some 17 songs last year for the album and the EP. A spokesperson said they would be in the studio till the end of March.

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