Scotland's newest political party hosts debate on selling out in the music industry...

Belle & Sebastian‘s Stuart Murdoch and Chris Geddes will speak at a conference organised by the Scottish Socialist Party on November 7.

Socialism 2000, a series of debates and workshops on Scottish politics and culture takes place at Glasgow Caledonian University. Stuart and Chris will join Francis McDonald (ex Teenage Fanclub now of Shoeshine Records) and Creeping Bent‘s Douglas McIntyre to discuss the topic “Do you have to sell out to succeed in the music industry?”

The SSP is Scotland’s newest political party, standing further left than Labour (which admittedly isn’t hard) while rejecting the nationalism of the SNP. Their first MSP Tommy Sheridan – famed anti-poll tax campaigner – recently took his seat in the new Scottish Parliament.


Click here for more information on the SSP and Socialism 2000.

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