Belle and Sebastian star looking for singers

Stuart Murdoch needs help with a soundtrack

Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch is looking for performers/singers to contribute to the soundtrack of a new music film.

The indie star is developing a project called ‘God Help The Girl’, and is looking for various singers to record the songs for the soundtrack.

The vocalists will represent the main characters in the film, of which there are three (two female, one male), but he will also be looking for other singers to sing in support roles.

Members of Belle & Sebastian will be involved as the studio band for some of the recording, which is expected to take place later this year.

Singers who are interested in taking part are being asked to submit a version of one of two songs from the film which have been recorded so far.

These are a new song, ‘The Psychiatrist Is In’, and a new version of Belle & Sebastian’s 2006 Top 20 hit ‘Funny Little Frog’.

These can be found via the Belle And Sebastian website and here.