Seems Trevor Horn's cleaner put the two parties in touch...

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN frontman STUART MURDOCH has revealed that the band hooked up with FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD and TATU producer TREVOR HORN after his house cleaner put them in touch.

The band were playing the Coachella Festival on the West Coast of America last year when the lady cleaning their backstage caravan became an unlikely go-between. And, despite the band’s scepticism over the story, Horn was soon in touch with them.

Murdoch recalls: “The woman who was cleaning our caravan said she knew Trevor because she was his housekeeper in LA, and that he was interested in working with us.

“I actually doubted whether she knew him at all, to be honest, and we never heard anything else for six months. And then he got in touch.”

Murdoch added that the band, who have in the past worked mainly with renowned engineer Tony Doogan, are halfway through recording the official follow-up to 2000’s ‘Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant’ (they did release a soundtrack album for the Todd Solondz film ‘Storytelling’ in April 2002). They spent a month with Horn in Oxfordshire and resume recording in London after a one-off gig at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall for the Sunday Herald’s Concert For Africa on Friday (May 17).

Murdoch added: “It was clear we needed a producer because we were getting more ambitious. We’ve been taking longer and longer to record our records so we needed someone to help get things done. Trevor’s the gaffer.”