And the proceeeds from Stuart Murdoch's sale go to Friends of the Earth...

BELLE & SEBASTIAN singer STUART MURDOCH has raised almost £4,000 by selling his car via Ebay.

The 1973 Ford Granada Mark 1 is featured on the front, back and inside sleeve on the band’s 2001 single ‘I’m Waking Up To Us’.

The vehicle has now been sold, raising just short of £4,000 last night (October 24). Proceeds are to be donated to Friends of the Earth in Scotland.

Murdoch said: “I’m surprised I got so much for the car. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need Friends of the Earth. The council and the government would be doing all the things that FoE propose to do. It’s sad that councils only NOW are looking for ways to recycle rubbish rather than bury it. And that’s only because it’s becoming too expensive to bury. Makes you think that our councils consist entirely of accountants. Does nobody look around them on the way into the office? Isn’t there slightly more to life than balancing the budget? Take a wider view!

“Like wind turbines for instance. Is it any fluke that this is the one man made structure that looks great in the countryside? Very similar in size and shape to the pylon, but one is intrinsically ugly, while the other makes my heart jump to see it up close. Surely the future? A line of sea bound turbines up the Atlantic coast, providing a third of our energy. A real futuristic landmark! Just a thought..”

Friends of the Earth Chief Executive, Kevin Dunion added: “It is unusual for us to be welcoming the sale of a car. However, we are absolutely delighted that the band chose to support Friends of the Earth work through the sale of this classic car. The funds will provide a major boost to our campaigns on climate change and improving public transport.”