The Belle & Sebastian frontman's 1973 Ford Granada Mark 1 can be yours, if you're quick...

BELLE & SEBASTIAN singer STUART MURDOCH is selling his car via EBAY.

The 1973 Ford Granada Mark 1 is featured on the front, back and inside sleeve of the band’s 2001 single release ‘I’m Waking Up To Us’.

On eBay, Murdoch has penned a message, which reads: “He’s still the best looking car in Glasgow. His spotlight is broke and some tough ripped a mirror off him, but he can’t be matched. I want him to go to someone who has more time than me to look after him. I am a disgrace to the family of engineers to which I was born into.

“If you’re going to buy Max you need to be able to do a little bit of work on him, or know someone who will do it for you. He’s running great! That’s the irony. He’s just had a reconditioned lead-free engine put in. New starter, new set of tires. He’s automatic, power-steered, almost thirty and proud of it. The engine’s V6, but it’s not shy at the petrol pump I’m afraid.

“If you want a new record your [sic] going to have to buy the car. I just don’t have the time to look after him. He’s insured with Classic Car Insurance for a year, but you’ll need to fix a couple of things before he gets his MOT. Insurance is CHEAP by the way.

“Please someone buy him and preserve him so I can come round and see him on occasion. I would be very grateful. Tell you what, whoever buys the car can get themselves and a friend into our shows for nothing for the next five years. We’ll make you a special pass or something.”

Funds from the sale will be donated to Friends of The Earth Scotland.

To make a bid, click here.