Don't go getting pianist envy now...

BEN FOLDS has almost completed work on his forthcoming debut solo album, which is tentatively scheduled for release in spring.

As previously announced on NME.COM, Ben Folds Five split last year because the members felt the band had “run its musical course” and wanted to “pursue other musical interests”.

Speaking at the time, Folds said: “The band is splitting on good terms. We are very proud of our three albums, our little hit and our audience. Now it is time to bow out with dignity rather than to make that final ‘cash-in’ record and tour which, of course, is very tempting.”

Following the split, Folds recorded a new song, ‘Lonely Christmas Eve’, for the Jim Carrey film ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’, and has now almost finished work on his debut solo album proper in Australia with producer Ben Grosse.

According to [url=], 16 songs are now complete, with working titles including ‘Hiro’s Song’, ‘The Ascent Of Stan’, ‘Annie Waits’, ‘Carrying Cathy’, ‘Losing Lisa’ and ‘Fred Jones Pt 2’. On the tracks, Folds plays his trademark piano, as well as drums and guitar.

Speaking in a recent online posting, Folds would only reveal that his new songs “speed up and slow down”, but joked that there will still be “elbows on pianos!”