Ben Harper and the Relentless 7 cover David Bowie in LA

They conclude US tour with rocking hometown show

Ben Harper concluded his headlining US tour with his new band the Relentless 7 last night (May 28) in Los Angeles — his hometown.

The singer said very little between songs, running through tracks from his new album, ‘White Lies For Dark Times’. The band played several extended jams during their 95-minute set, as well as a cover of David Bowie‘s ‘Under Pressure’.

“I want to say it’s great to be in my hometown,” Harper said, and the crowd erupted. Harper spent much of the show sitting down playing his laptop slide guitar on the blues-driven new tracks while his three-piece backing band — guitarist Jason Mozersky, bassist Jesse Ingalls and drummer Jordan Richardson — kicked up the pace on new and old tracks.


Harper sang a cappella in his distinctive quivering falsetto during part of ‘Up To You Now’, and then gazed at the crowd without saying a word as they cheered loudly.

The band returned for a two-song encore of classic track ‘Another Lonely Day’ and ‘Serve Your Soul’. “I’ve been in LA since I was 10 and I’m a Laker fan,” Harper told the audience before wishing the famed basketball team good luck in their game today and saying goodnight.

Ben Harper played:

‘Comin’ Up Easy’
‘Number With No Name’
‘Shimmer & Shine’
‘Good Times, Bad Times’
‘Lay There & Hate Me’
‘Why Must You Always Dress In Black’
‘Skin Thin’
‘Fly One Time’
‘Keep It Together’
‘Boots Like These’
‘Under Pressure’
‘Up To You Now’
‘Another Lonely Day’
‘Serve Your Soul’

–By our Los Angeles staff.
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