Ben Shapiro compares Biden Presidency to Kurt Cobain’s suicide

“He put a shotgun in the mouth of the American body politic and then pulled the trigger"

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has compared Joe Biden’s time as President Of The United States Of America and his handling of Coronavirus to Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

Yesterday (March 2) President Biden made his first State Of The Union address. Over the course of the 62-minute speech, Biden spoke about the economy, voting rights and the situation in Ukraine.

However, following the address, Ben Shapiro took to his show on The Daily Wire to criticise Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. “This is where the lies begin,” said Shapiro before saying that Biden has “had the worst 14 months of any president of the United States ever”.


He went on to add ““Everything bad that has happened over the last 14 months is a completely self-inflicted wound. Joe Biden is the Kurt Cobain of politics. He put a shotgun in the mouth of the American body politic and then pulled the trigger. And the brains are on the wall.”

Kurt Cobain took his own life in April 1994, aged 27.

Check out footage of Shapiro’s comments below

The comparison between Biden and Kurt Cobain has angered many fans, with one writing “This is what you get when you either don’t know what Kurt Cobain did or don’t know what a metaphor is. Or both.”

“Sleeping soundly knowing Kurt Cobain railed against the masculinity Ben Shapiro so desperately wants to perform,” added another.


Nirvana fans aren’t the only music fans Shapiro has annoyed. Back in 2020, Cardi B seemingly mocked the right-wing commentator over his response to her iconic single ‘WAP’.

After reading out the song’s lyrics, Shapiro expressed his disapproval over its message. “This is what feminists fought for,” he said of the single’s explicit lines. “This is what the feminist movement was all about, and if you say anything differently it’s ’cause you’re a misogynist, see?”

Responding to the segment, Cardi later re-tweeted a number of fans who mocked Shapiro’s skit. “I can’t believe conservatives soo mad about WAP,” she wrote, captioning a screenshot showing Shapiro trending at Number 2 on US Twitter.

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