Ben Stiller’s high school band to release first new music in 36 years

Capital Punishment reissued their one and only album last month

Ben Stiller’s high school band will release their first new music in 36 years next month, it has been announced.

The actor was a member of Capital Punishment while studying at New York’s Calhoun School in the 1980s. The noise band played no gigs under the name and only released one album in the form of ‘Roadkill’.

Capital Punishment have confirmed they will put out a new five-song EP called ‘This Is Capital Punishment’ for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event (November 23). The record will be released on translucent blue vinyl and will be limited to 1,500 copies.


Confusion, a song by Capital Punishment on Spotify

It follows last month’s reissue of ‘Roadkill’, which was originally released in 1982 and featured Stiller on drums. Between 500 and 1,000 copies were pressed back then, with the band dropping off copies at random New York record shops and consignment stores.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in August, the actor recalled how he felt during the recording sessions for the album. “I remember being very nervous,” he said. “Cos I just really didn’t play the drums hardly at all.”

He continued: “I remember feeling like ‘I just wanna get through this and actually be able to play something that’s usable.’ […] I wasn’t really that good at playing the drums, which you can pick up if you listen. You don’t even have to listen that closely to get that.”

Stiller’s bandmates included documentarian Kriss Roebling, professor of Czech literature Peter Zusi, and justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona Peter Swann.