Benga retires from music to ‘start a family’

'Big up to all my real supporters,' says the DJ/producer

Benga has announced his retirement from music.

The dubstep DJ/producer says he is quitting the music industry to start a family with his partner, Holly-Jae Treadgold, who he has recently got engaged to. Benga made the announcement on his official Facebook page today (February 2).

He wrote: “im engage (sic) to Holly-Jae Treadgold the love of my life, my djing career is finished i just wanna start a family. big up to all my real supporters its been a lovely time.” At the same time, Benga also deleted his Twitter account.

Supporting his decision to quit, Skream, who together with Benga and Artwork formed dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man, tweeted:

Benga released his first solo album, ‘Newstep’, in 2006 and followed it up with ‘Diary Of An Afro Warrior’ in 2008. His latest, and now final album, ‘Chapter II’, was released in May 2013. He also had great success with Magnetic Man, who released their self-titled Official Albums Chart Top 5 album in 2010.