Former Suede guitar genius threatens to leave music and become a snooker player...

Bernard Butler is without a recording contract and is considering quitting the music industry following the demise of his former label, CREATION RECORDS.

Speaking exclusively to nme.com at a private screening of the new Spike Jonze film ‘Being John Malkovich’, Butler confirmed he is no longer signed to Creation, and joked he may embark on a career as a professional snooker player instead.

When asked how things were currently going for him, Butler replied: “Oh, terribly. But don’t worry! I don’t really want to do it to be honest. I’m going to become the greatest snooker player ever! I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just going to play snooker for a bit, that kind of stuff.”


nme.com spoke further to the ex-Suede guitarist about his future plans. He said: “It’s nothing to do with me. I got dropped, didn’t I? I don’t know if anyone knows or anyone cares. The idea of going in to a record company with tapes and stuff like that and saying ‘What do you think?’, and have some c— say it is shit doesn’t really appeal to me.

“I wrote a lot of new material and then got dropped so I thought, ‘Fuck it’. That is all I can say.”

A spokesperson for Creation told nme.com that many of the acts on the label are negotiating with new labels, and Butler “wouldn’t need to try too hard” to get a new deal.

However, Butler suffered badly because of the timing of the break-up of Creation. Alan McGee announced his resignation shortly before Butler was due to embark on a UK tour to promote his second solo album ‘Friends And Lovers’. As a result the tour was cancelled and he was unable to fully complete his promotional duties for the album.

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