Former Suede colleagues Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler continue their feud at star-studded preview of 'Being John Malkovich'...

Suede‘s BRETT ANDERSON and NEIL CODLING, BERNARD BUTLER, BLUR‘s DAVE ROWNTREE, NEIL HANNON from THE DIVINE COMEDY and SUPERGRASS’ DANNY GOFFEY were all in attendance for a celebrity screening of the new SPIKE JONZE film ‘BEING JOHN MALKOVICH’ last night (March 14) – and were there too.

But though Brett Anderson and ex-Suede guitarist Butler were both in the same room last night for the screening at the ABC Cinema, Shafetsbury Avenue, they continued their long standing feud by arriving half an hour apart. A glum looking Butler avoided talking to Anderson before the performance, who buzzed around the cinema entrance with Suede keyboardist Neil Codling, chatting to fans and having his photograph taken.

However, most of the stars present seemed to be enjoying themselves/ Speaking exclusively to, Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy joked that his band were more interested in going to see films these days than recording albums. He said: “We’re all going to the movies, that is all we do these days!” But he added: “We are rehearsing new material, though we haven’t got to the recording stage. It’s a long, drawn out, complicated process.”

A smiling Danny Goffey from Supergrass, who has just returned with his band from an Australian tour told “We’re sounding very good live at the moment! We’ve been in Australia for a few months doing a tour which was good.”

‘Being John Malkovich’ is released in the UK this Friday (March 17) and has been nominated for three Academy Awards. It stars John Cusak, Catherine Keener and Cameron Diaz and follows the life of an office clerk (Cusak) who discovers a portal in his office that leads into the mind of the actor John Malkovich.

The soundtrack also features a brand new song by Bjork called ‘Amphibian’. For an indepth interview with director Spike Jonze, see next week’s issue of NME.