Bernard Butler: ‘Beyonce is a non-stop insincere PR trip’

The former Suede guitarist takes to Twitter to hit out at the singer's presence at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend

Former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler has hit out at Beyonce, calling the singer “a non-stop insincere PR trip”.

Posting on Twitter after Beyonce appeared at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend on Saturday (June 23) to watch her husband Jay-Z, Butler wrote:


He continued: “How does anybody fall for that bollocks?”

When asked by a Twitter follower to clarify his comments, Butler admitted that he “absolutely adores” the singer’s 2003 hit ‘Crazy In Love’. He explained that his tweets referred to “the love for her standing in the security pit surrounded by 100 sycophants”.

Butler also criticised Jay-Z’s performance at the Hackney Weekend, claiming that it was inferior to a previous appearance on Later with Jools Holland.

He wrote: “Jay-Z on ‘Later’ had an amazing drummer, live guitar player, and on the Radio 1 thing it was him and Kanye a like a pair of 40 year-old A&R men who can’t dance shouting “London oh yeah”, whilst an iPod played Otis Redding. I can do that at home . But without them 2 falling around the front room.”

Summarising his Twitter review of Jay-Z’s Hackney appearance, the former Suede guitarist decided: “We’re poor if that was theatre.”

Butler has since clarified his comments, saying that he was simply referring to “Beyonce’s street cred for standing in a moshpit” and was not commenting on the singer herself.