The friends team up once more...

BERNARD BUTLER and EDWYN COLLINS are to release a joint single, ‘MESSAGE FOR JOJO’, in March.

Details remain sketchy, but ‘Message For Jojo’ was recorded at the end of last year and written, produced and performed by the pair. The single will be released via Sentanta Records, and is backed by two new songs, ‘Can’t Do That (The Hoover)’ and ‘Clean’.

The band have constructed a website to coincide with the single, which can be found at [url=]

Collins and Butler have been friends for some time, with Collins guesting on tracks for Butler’s first single ‘Stay’ in 1998, as well as providing backing vocals on the follow-up single ‘Not Alone’. Since then, the pair have also acted together on a sitcom put together by Collins for Channel 4 television called ‘West Heath Yard’.

In addition, both Collins and Butler have also been writing new material for future solo albums, although no release date for either project is confirmed.