The guitar hero gets to work on his third LP with a number of collaborators...

Bernard Butler has described the material which will form the basis of his third studio album as “fresh and colourful”.

Speaking via his official website, [url=], Butler reveals he is currently in the process of recording the material he has written over the last 12 months at his home studio.

He is working with George Shilling, who engineered Butler‘s previous two solo albums, ‘People Move On’ and ‘Friends And Lovers’. He added the new material is sounding “very fresh and colourful, quite different sounding and not very rock and roll”.

As part of the sessions, Butler has collaborated with former member of Theaudience Billy Reeves‘ new band, Yours, as well as guitarist Jeff Trott, who has previously worked with Sheryl Crow, World Party and Tears For Fears.

Butler has also almost completed the recording sessions with female singer-songwriter Heather Nova for her forthcoming album. Butler has recorded four songs, co-writing and co-producing two.