The guitarist even admits he'd be willing to make up with Brett Anderson...

BERNARD BUTLER has confessed that leaving SUEDE was a “stupid mistake”.

The guitarist walked out on the band in 1994 after recording the guitar parts for the group’s second album ‘Dog Man Star’.

He then embarked on a solo career, and also recorded with David McAlmont, who he fell out with, only to re-enter the studio with him this year for a new album.


Speaking to the Daily Record newspaper, Butler said that he shouldn’t have left Suede after a dispute over the producer who was working with the band at the time.

He said: “I’ve fallen out with two people in my entire adult life and both were in public. Brett Anderson slung a lot of mud at me when I quit Suede and some of it stuck. All of the band were very vitriolic when I left the group, because they were saving their asses.

“They were in trouble and salvaged things. It worked for them. But when I left Suede I didn’t do it because I fell out with people. I did it because I didn’t want the producer we had to mix an album. It was a case of call my bluff. It was him or me. It was a stupid mistake. I was stupid enough to go for it. It shouldn’t have gone that far.”

Butler went as far as saying that he’d be willing to make up with Brett, but he never sees him. When he went back into the studio with McAlmont, Butler picked up the phone after seven years.

He concluded: “The next record we make will be (with McAlmont) as well. After that, who knows what will happen. I’ve reversed one of the fall-outs and could reverse the other at any point if I saw the guy. It just so happens I don’t see Brett.

“We had a big fall out, but time’s a healer and all that stuff. I’ve worked out what I wanted in life and realised I’m not going to let that stand in my way.”