THE TREMBLING BUTLER! can reveal the singer/songwriter has posted an unreleased track on his official website...

Bernard Butler has posted a brand new song on his official website, can reveal.

Butler, currently without a record deal following the demise of his label Creation Records, has posted a new song, ‘Tremble’, on his website, [url=]

The track is a six-minute ballad recorded during the sessions for his second solo album ‘Friends And Lovers’, and features the lyric: “There’s a war in my head / I can’t shake what you said / I’d give more than I’d take / just to tremble again”.


Two different mixes of the track are available, both as a download and a streamed audio file.

This is the first new material Butler has released since he told he had been “dropped” and didn’t know if “anyone knows or cares” in March this year. Although not recording any solo material of his own, Butler has been working with female singer-songwriter Heather Nova on her forthcoming album, as well as providing guitar parts on ‘Crimson Moon’, the new album from folk legend Bert Jansch.

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