Bernard Sumner says working with Peter Hook was ‘unbearable in the end’

The former Joy Division and New Order member opens up in a new interview in this week's NME magazine

New Order frontman Bernard Sumner has described working with former bandmate Peter Hook as “unbearable in the end”.

Hook played bass in both New Order and Joy Division with Sumner, but the pair are no longer on speaking terms with Hook branding his former bandmate “twatto” earlier this year.

Speaking exclusively in this week’s NME magazine, which is available on newsstands now and available digitally, Sumner opens up about the pair’s relationship.

Regarding New Order’s running of Manchester club The Haçienda, which opened in 1982, Sumner stated, “The final straw was this tornado of self-righteous rage at our audacity in feeling we [the other members of New Order and their associates] had a right to 50 per cent of ‘his’ Haçienda.”

He continues: “I think that if you’re on the same team, you should be pushing in the same direction. But this perceived rivalry has been there all the time. It gradually got worse till it was unbearable for us to work together. And if you end up in that situation, what’s the point of working together?”

The incident is detailed in Sumner’s autobiography Chapter And Verse, which is published by Transworld and available now.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sumner also talks about a number of his other collaborators as well as discussing New Order’s upcoming 10th album, which will be released next year. “It’s going to be less guitar- and more synthesizer-based,” Sumner reveals. “The last two or three New Order records were quite guitary; I felt I needed a break from electronics. And now it feels like the time is right to get involved in electronic music again.”