New Best Coast album influenced by Gwen Stefani, The Go-Gos, Sugar Ray

Bethany Cosentino says the band's third album contains some unexpected moments

Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino has said that her band’s third album has been inspired by the music of Gwen Stefani, The Go-Gos and even 1990s pop rock band Sugar Ray.

Speaking to Spin about the forthcoming 12-track release, she said that the album does not yet have a release date, but is set to come out later this year. Discussing the content of the record, she said: “When I was writing for this record, I wanted to have a lot of the classic Best Coast elements, but I also wanted to have some stuff that would be like, ‘Whoa, this is not something I expected to hear from them’. There are definitely a couple of songs that are about relationships and feelings and all of that kind of stuff… But every single song is not like, ‘My relationship sucks.'”

She added that the album, which will feature the songs ‘Sleep Won’t Ever Come’, ‘Jealousy’, ‘When Will I Change?’ and ‘Heaven Sent’, has been inspired by the music of Gwen Stefani and 1980s pop punk band The Go-Gos, as well as by Sugar Ray, commenting: “The record is not going to sound like a Sugar Ray record, but it’s definitely something we were talking abut a lot while we were in the studio, and listening to Sugar Ray’s greatest hits. As cool as I want everybody to think I am, I don’t care: I think Sugar Ray has written some really great songs.”

The album was produced by Wally Gagel and recorded at the Wax Ltd studio in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The duo put out the mini-album ‘Fade Away’ in 2013. Best Coast released their debut album ‘Crazy For You’ in 2010, with the follow-up effort, ‘The Only Place’, following in 2012.