Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino speaks out about sexism in the music industry

The Best Coast singer appeared on the Daily Show

Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino has spoken out about sexism in the music industry.

The singer appeared on the Daily Show last night – and told host Trevor Noah why she had decided to speak out after publicist Heathcliff Beru was accused of sexual assault by Dirty Projectors’ singer Amber Coffman.

She said: “Let’s be real. Sexism and sexual harassment and this idea of women being sexually assaulted – it’s everywhere.

“When somebody like me, or somebody like Amber or any woman out there, comes forward and says, ‘This is a situation, I’m not OK with it, the world should not be OK with it’, that gives other women bravery to come forward, and stand up, and say, ‘I’ve experienced this, we really need to put an end to this kind of behaviour.'”

She added: “I hope that there is one woman out there that is now standing up to her boss, or standing up to a man in the world that is making her feel less-than because she’s a woman.”

Cosentino’s appearance on the Daily Show comes shortly after she criticised Chris Brown’s recent single ‘Back to Sleep’ – and claimed that it ‘perpetuates rape culture.’

In a lengthy critique of the singer on Twitter, she said: “You already know how I feel about Chris Brown – but WHY/HOW are those lyrics ok? Cool, a song that perpetuates rape culture being a hit.”