Best Coast say new album will be inspired by Drake and the ’90s

Band suggest record could be released in early 2014

Best Coast have revealed that their next album will be inspired by ’90s music and Drake.

The duo put out the mini-album ‘Fade Away’ last month but are also working on a full-length LP to be released in 2014. Speaking to Rolling Stone, singer Beth Cosentino said that they already had a number of tracks written for the record and that she thought the album would come out “no later than spring of next year”.

“I would say that this record, at least right now the way we’ve been demoing and the way I’ve been writing, is a lot more inspired by the ’90s and a lot less inspired by the ’60s,” she said. “The first record was super ’60s, the second record was really ’70s and this one is going to be really ’90s.”


“I don’t know if that’s because I’m obsessed with the ’90s, but I started listening to a lot of ’90s stuff when we did ‘Fade Away’ and I was really happy with that EP and those songs,” she added. “I felt like I wanted to almost do something that was an extension of that, almost like that EP is leading you in to our new record.”

Speaking about the influence of Drake, meanwhile, she said: “This is going to sound totally weird, but Drake is a huge inspiration. It’s not going to be a rap record, but in terms of lyrics and emotion. I cannot stop listening to Drake. I am obsessed. It’s ridiculous how obsessed I am.

“When I listen to his music, what he’s saying is so real and it doesn’t feel sugarcoated or fake at all. I definitely took inspiration from that when writing lyrics. My lyrics have always been straightforward and honest and not sugarcoated but this time around I was like ‘OK, I’m going to say what I have to say and I’m going to feel like Drake about it’. I’ll just say it.”

Best Coast released their debut album ‘Crazy For You’ in 2010, with the follow-up effort, ‘The Only Place’, following in 2012.


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