Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino: ‘I used to smoke weed all day’

The singer says she was 'smoking to make my anxiety better'

Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino has revealed that she used to smoke weed all day long, but that she is currently trying to cut down.

Speaking in the current issue of Rolling Stone, she says that until recently: “I’d wake up, smoke weed, then keep smoking weed throughout the day.”

She added: “I was smoking to make my anxiety better, but it got to the point where it was only making me more anxious.”


The interview also reveals that earlier this summer, Cosentino lost her driver’s licence after a night taking cocaine in a strip club in Atlanta. “I did coke and lost my driver’s licence at the club,” she says.

Best Coast recently covered the Stevie Nicks-penned ‘Rhiannon’ for the current Fleetwood Mac tribute compilation, ‘Just Tell Me That You Want Me’. In addition, MGMT and The Kills feature on the album, alongside Antony Hegarty from Antony And The Johnsons and Lykke Li.

Scroll down to listen the Los Angeles based duo’s upbeat version of the 1976 single – a song which originally featured on the 1975 album ‘Fleetwood Mac’.

Best Coast play a sold out show at London’s Borderline on September 18.

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