Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino: ‘I want babies created to our new album’

'When I'm With You' singer wants fans to stop "smoking weed" to her group's music

Best Coast‘s Beth Cosentino hopes people will have sex to her group’s second album ‘The Only Place’.

The ‘When I’m With You’ singer previously wanted fans to “smoke weed and make out” to Best Coast’s music, but she has now told The Guardian that she’d prefer if they left the weed smoking for other artists, and just made out instead.

She told the newspaper:

I hope they make out to it, but they can smoke weed to Snoop Dogg instead. I want babies to be created to this music. I want people to have their yoghurt while listening to this record.


Consentino was talking to the newspaper to promote the release of Best Coast’s new album ‘The Only Place’, which is out tomorrow (May 14). Speaking about her and Bobb Bruno’s progression from 2010’s ‘Crazy For You’, the singer said the new record was “more mature” and had more introspective gloominess.

She added: “The insert has lots of black and white photos of us. We wanted to make this record a bit more serious, so we put a bear instead of a cat on the cover.”

Recently, the singer and songwriter has had to defend herself against accusations that she was selling out by launching her own clothing line with Urban Outfitters, saying: “Best Coast is a brand and I’m a businesswoman.”

Best Coast will be touring the UK this June. The dates kick off at Glasgow’s O2 ABC 2 venue on June 16 and run until June 21 when the band headline Brighton’s Coalition. The run includes the band’s biggest UK show to date at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.