Best Coast reveal new track ‘Gone Again’ online – video

Band are releasing track as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program on Tuesday (June 14)

Best Coast have recorded a new track, titled ‘Gone Again’, as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program – scroll down and click below to watch the video.

The song will be available to download for free from the US cable TV network’s website on Tuesday (June 14) as part of its annual free MP3 promotion.

The channel also produced the video for the track, which features an all-female firing squad in cat masks, who shoot sweets, ice cream and other associated confectionary at a cast of hapless targets.

The likes of Mastodon, The Rapture and Ne-Yo are also set to release new music as part of the series.

Last month, Best Coast posted a “crappy Garageband” cover of Skeeter Davies’ ‘The End Of The World’ online in honour of Evangelist Christian leader Harold Camping‘s May 21 apocalypse predictions.

Although the Rapture failed to materialise, Camping has since set a new date of October 21 for the end of the world.