Drew Barrymore tells of ‘friendship’ with Best Coast

Actress bonds with band after directing video for 'Our Deal'

Drew Barrymore has spoken about her friendship with Best Coast, after the actress directed the band’s video for ‘Our Deal’.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Barrymore admitted that she has forged a friendship with the Los Angeles duo after becoming a fan of their music.

She said: “I met Bethany (Cosentino) at one of their concerts, and we became fast friends.”

Barrymore, who directed child actors Chloe Moretz and Miranda Cosgrove in the promo, opened up about how she became a fan of the band.

She said: “I think Shazam is one of the coolest inventions on the planet, and whether I was in a thrift store or in my car, every other week I was Shazaming another Best Coast song. So I downloaded the album and loved it from start to finish, which is especially great in the current “buy the song” world we live in.”

Barrymore added that she has always been a fan of music videos.

“I’m 36 – totally in the MTV generation – and I was obsessed with videos,” she said. “Some of the mini-worlds that filmmakers have created are so ingrained in my love of culture. There’s a great Bat For Lashes video called ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ that has this one-shot genius-ness, and that technique is so wonderful when it’s pulled off well.

“And I loved Duran Duran‘s ‘Girls On Film’ – it was really sexy and naughty and totally weird. When you’re a kid watching that stuff on television you’re like, ‘Well, we are opening up as a society!’ [laughs] And I love ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ by Justice so creative and cool.”