Best Coast tweeting for a Kanye West collaboration

Beth Consentino's band are playing three UK gigs

Best Coast landed in the UK yesterday (November 29) to play their three biggest headline shows in the country yet – with frontwoman Beth Cosentino explaining that she hoped her next musical step will be a special collaboration.

Ahead of last night’s show at Manchester‘s Ruby Lounge she told NME about her ambition to hook up with Kanye West, and how she was optimistically hoping to get in touch via Twitter.

“I hope one day that he’ll reply to my tweets,” she said. “I tweet him all the time. I’d love to work with him – I’d drop anything and everything to work with Kanye. Although he might just want to work with Snacks [her pet cat].”

Cosentino, who tweets from, added: “I love the new Kanye West album, it really deserves all the praise it’s getting. The thing I like about him is that he’s really honest and says what he wants to say, I really respect that. Having this job and being in the public eye, it’s hard that people say shit you don’t like, he’s always like, ‘Fuck it’.”

The singer has a good track record when it comes to online collaborations. She recently worked with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on a new song after getting in touch with him on the social networking site.

Best Coast play the Birmingham Glee Club tonight then London‘s Scala tomorrow.