Best Coast’s Bethany and Molly Ringwald post joint interview

Singer and 'The Breakfast Club' actress discuss life in the spotlight and music

Best Coast‘s Bethany Cosentino and Molly Ringwald have interviewed each other via email.

The singer and actress discussed various topics, including life growing up in the spotlight and their current tastes in music.

The email series published by California Sunday’s The Thread opens with a lengthy email from Cosentino to Ringwald. The singer asks the actress to explain the affect growing up in the spotlight has had on her.


“I started Best Coast when I was 23, and now I’m 28,” writes Cosentino. “I have for sure done a lot of growing up since then—but at times I found it incredibly hard to “grow up” knowing there were people watching me and critiquing the things that I was doing.”

“I feel like now, as a 28-­year-­old woman, I’m a lot more confident, and I try to pay less attention to the media, etc. It can be really hard to grow when you’re under a microscope of sorts. What advice would you give to girls in their teens who want to “make it” in this industry?”

“I think it’s a dangerous way to grow up,” Ringwald replied. “Especially now, with the internet, TMZ, etc. I have an 11-­year-­old daughter, who is incredibly precocious and talented and absolutely DYING to be in the spotlight. But having gone through it myself, I want to protect her from all of that.”

The Best Coast singer later reveals her love for astrology before asking Ringwald about her favourite music.

“Lately I’ve been listening to Oasis and The Cure a ton,” says Cosentino. “My favorite band of all time is Fleetwood Mac.”

“Lately I’ve been listening to Sufjan Stevens a lot,” Ringwald replies. “I’ve loved his music since ‘Come On! Feel the Illinoise!’ came out a decade ago, and like with anything, I go through phases—right now I’m back in that phase. His new album is beautiful. I’m also a big fan of Andrew Bird, and I listen to a ton of jazz music.”


47 year-old actress Molly Ringwald rose to fame in the mid ’80s for her roles in the John Hughes’ films Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1986) and Pretty In Pink (1986).

Best Coast released their third album ‘California Nights’ last week (May 4). The duo recently performed ‘Feeling OK’ on Conanwatch here.

To promote the record, Best Coast will be touring the UK at the end of May, including dates in London and Manchester.

Best Coast play:
London Electric Ballroom (May 20)
Manchester Dot To Dot Festival (22)
Bristol Dot To Dot Festival (23)
Nottingham Dot To Dot Festival (24)