Best Coast perform ‘Feeling OK’ on ‘Conan’ – watch

The band released third album 'California Nights' this week (May 4)

Best Coast performed on Conan on US TV on Tuesday night (May 5).

The duo – comprising of singer Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno – were joined by live session musicians for their rendition of ‘Feeling OK’, which is lifted from the band’s third album ‘California Nights’.


‘California Nights’ came out earlier this week (May 4). Speaking about the record, Cosentino recently said, “If you have ever lived in California, you know what nighttime here feels like. You know what the sky looks like when those epic sunsets begin, and you understand that feeling and the way things change when the sun finally sets. In LA, or maybe just personally to me, when the sun sets – I feel like there is a large sense of calmness in the air, and I feel like everything that happened to me prior in the day, whether crappy experiences or good ones, at night, it all goes away and I sink deep into this different kind of ‘world’.”

Cosentino told NME, “Best Coast songs have always meant a lot to people because I talk about relatable feelings. I’m not going to apologise for how literal I was lyrically in the past. Some of the greatest music in history has the simplest lyrics. I take Drake’s approach. I love his full-blown honesty. On his new mixtape he raps, “If I die I’m a motherfucking legend.’ I don’t think if I died I’d be a legend per se. But I’d leave behind a legacy that would mean something to people.”

To promote the record, Best Coast will be touring the UK at the end of May, including dates in London and Manchester.

Best Coast play:
London Electric Ballroom (May 20)
Manchester Dot To Dot Festival (22)
Bristol Dot To Dot Festival (23)
Nottingham Dot To Dot Festival (24)


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