Best Coast: ”California Nights’ is the record we always wanted to make’

Band release third album in May

Best Coast have said that they wanted new album ‘California Nights’ to be as “raucous” as their debut album, with lead singer Bethany Cosentino saying she’s made “the record we always wanted to make”.

The band release their third album in May and are interviewed in the new issue of NME, on newsstands now and available digitally.

Guitarist Bobb Bruno explains that he and Cosentino wanted to return to the care-free period in which they made 2010 debut ‘Crazy For You’ while making ‘California Nights’. “We got back to that spirit of ‘Fuck it, let’s make something raucous,'” he said.


Cosentino agreed, saying that she has moved past worrying about reviews of her music. “Fuck what critics think, man,” she stated. She added: “I’m 100 per cent happy. I can’t say that about anything we’ve done in the past.”

Much of the criticism of Best Coast in the past has been levelled at Cosentino’s lyrics and their simplicity, something she does not take lying down. She admitted: “Best Coast songs have always meant a lot to people because I talk about relatable feelings. I’m not going to apologise for how literal I was lyrically in the past. Some of the greatest music in history has the simplest lyrics.”

Cosentino then continued: “I take Drake’s approach. I love his full blown honesty. On his new mixtape he raps, “If I die I’m a motherfucking legend.’ I don’t think if I died I’d be a legend per se. But I’d leave behind a legacy that would mean something to people.”

To promote the record, Best Coast will be touring the UK at the end of May, including dates in London and Manchester.

Best Coast play:

London Electric Ballroom (May 20)
Manchester Dot to Dot Festival (22)
Bristol Dot to Dot Festival (23)
Nottingham Dot to Dot Festival (24)