Bestival founder Rob da Bank would love to take the festival to India

Speaking to NME at Bestival he admitted that they’d been in talks with somebody in Goa about holding a festival there.

Speaking to NME at Bestival, founder Rob Da Bank said he’d like to do an edition of the festival in India, having already expanded the franchise to Toronto and Bali.

“I’d love to do one [a Bestival] in India! We have actually talked to someone in Goa about doing a Bestival out there,” said Da Bank.

He also explained that he’d be keen to hold an event in Africa, so it could be “somewhere totally different!”


However it doesn’t look like a festival in India will be happening any time soon. “I’ll be honest, with Camp Bestival, two Common Peoples and Bestival Bali we’ve pretty much got our plates full” Rob said. “I have four kids, and there’s other things going on! So we don’t really want any more in our lives at the moment.”

Rob also confirmed that Bestival would be returning to Lulworth, where it’s being held this year, in 2018. “Obviously we made the big move from the Isle of Wight to and we don’t want to keep changing everything, and this site is beautiful. It’s got the ancient woodland, it’s got the hills and the valleys and the flat bits, and yeah, it’s great!”

Bestival moved from its home of 13 years on the Isle of Wight to Lulworth this year. The site is also the location for sister festival Camp Bestival.

But Rob da Bank’s promised his days of championing the music scene on the island aren’t over: “I mean I live on the Isle of Wight, I’m always doing stuff there – I’ve done music and stuff there for 14 years, there’ll always be some stuff up my sleeve on the island.”

Bestival 2017 is taking place this weekend, and has already seen sets from Jamie T, Blossoms, with The xx headlining this evening.


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