Nigel Godrich twiddles the knobs on the follow-up to 'Hot Shots II'...

THE BETA BAND have revealed that RADIOHEAD producer NIGEL GODRICH will work on their new album.

In a message posted on the band’s website, singer Steve Mason explained that the band are happy with the results. “He’s (Godrich) working at Mayfair Studios in London. Me and Rich (Greentree, bass) went down at the weekend to see what he’s doing to our LP and its all good!

“Looks like 12 tracks will go on the record out of the 17 we recorded,” he explained. “Mixing will be done in two weeks and the LP will be out in February.”

“The making of the record, which started over a year ago, has been filmed for us by Pete Rankin who did the Old Jock Radio stuff for us,” he said. “He’s now loading it all for editing. This will come out as a DVD sometime next year.”

Mason, Greentree, and Robin Jones (drums), are all currently working on solo projects. Mason’s personal project, King Biscuit’s new album, is reported to be 60% complete.