C-Swing is reported to be collaborating with the hip indie combo on their second LP...

The BETA BAND are rumoured to be working with R&B producer C-SWING on their second studio album.

According to unconfirmed press reports today (November 13), Beta Band vocalist Steve Mason approached C-Swing after hearing his work on the new Jamelia track ‘Bout’.

A spokesperson for the Beta Band told NME.COM that he couldn?t confirm or deny the rumours.

However, a source close to the band said that it “seems completely logical” for the pairing to have taken place.

In addition to Jamelia, C-Swing has also worked with En Vogue.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the Beta Band may have their new album finished as early as January next year. The band have already commenced work on the record, after spending a number of months demoing material prior to the sessions.