The group tell NME.COM hey're hoping to record the follow-up to 'Hot Shots II' after the festival season...

THE BETA BAND are planning to start work on the follow up ‘HOT SHOTS II’ this autumn in time for a release in February next year.

The group, who recently wrapped up a US tour, told NME.COM they were not writing new songs on the road, but instead were planning on taking some time off after the festival season to pen the effort.

Frontman Steve Mason said, “We’re hopefully going to get the time to actually make the album in the autumn.”

Bassist Richard Greentree confirmed the as-yet-untitled record, their third, is likely to hit store shelves in February of next year.

Meanwhile the group are gearing up for their debut appearance at the Homelands Festival at Matterly Bowl near Winchester next month (June 1).

“It’s the sort of crowd we like. We like a bit of activity. I think it is possible to dance to our music live,” said Greentree.

The group also joked they were planning a special surprise featuring band member John MacLean. “I can’t say [any more about it] just now. John’s had some plastic surgery and the bandages should come off at that time and hopefully they’re going to project him on the screen behind us and show everyone what he’s done.”