Beta Band star speaks out about his mental health problems

Steve Mason says drugs may have had a 'big effect'

Former Beta Band star Steve Mason has revealed in a BBC documentary the effect his past drug-taking had on his subsequent mental health problems.

The singer admitted on ‘Demons, Going Around My Head’ that his habits brought out “darkness” and “depression” in his mind. He also urged people to be “careful” when indulging.

He said: ”’I think drugs did possibly have a big effect on sparking off this thing with me. I mean I think it was going to happen to me anyway because I am a very sensitive person and I pick up on things and they stay in me and they come out very slowly.

“I think some people can take drugs and some people just really shouldn’t take drugs especially acid, magic mushrooms, cocaine is a bad one as well, and speed. For me anyway those things really brought out the darkness in my mind and the depression in my mind. If you take them and you keep taking them you can leave that dark door open in your mind for quite a few years afterwards. You’ve got to be so careful.”

‘Demons, Going Around My Head’ will be broadcast on the Colin Murray‘s Radio 1 show on February 28.