Tune in or hear them live on the web...

THE BETA BAND feature in an hour long student radio special that features interviews, live rehearsal clips and members of the band talking about their favourite records.

The show will be broadcast next Friday, June 4 on Student Broadcast Network which will be picked up by 37 student radio stations. Non students can hear the show on another student website

You can find out more about Student Broadcast Network on their website


Meanwhile, the band will be making a track live on air on The Mary Ann Hobbs Breezeblock Sessions on Radio 1 on June 9 between midnight and 2 am.

Also, according to reports, the track ‘The Hard One’ will be included on the new album in its original form. Originally it looked as though songwriter Jim Steinman would force them to withdraw the track because they quote from his ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’. But he has now apparently relented. The album is released by Regal on June 21.

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