Beth Ditto officially marries her partner 17 months after their initial wedding ceremony

Marriage was officiated in Oregon on New Year's Eve

Beth Ditto has legally married her partner Kirstin Ogata 17 months after their initial wedding ceremony.

The Gossip singer and her partner walked down the aisle in July 2013 in Maui Hawaii, but were only able to officially tie the knot after same-sex marriage became legal in their home state of Oregon last May.

The wedding took place New Year’s Eve, with Ditto posting the news on Instagram. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” She wrote. “Today I became an Ogata!! It’s official and legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to 2015! Gooood fucking riddance 2014!!!! HELLLLLO BRIGHT FUTURE!” The singer later wrote on her Facebook page: “Legally married finally, a year later! Thanks everyone who fought to make gay marriage legal in Oregon! In 2015, the whole US!”


Ditto had previously discussed her plans to marry Ogata and start a family soon after. “We have an agreement that she’ll be the primary caretaker and I’ll be the primary breadwinner,” she said in an interview promoting her autobiography Coal To Diamond: A Memoir. “When we tour, the babies will come with us.”

The Gossip released their last studio album ‘A Joyful Noise’ in 2012. Last month, Ditto tweeted that she was back in the studio, but no further details about new material have been released yet.