The Brit Award-winning solo artist is advised to take it easy following the recurrence of a serious illness...

Beth Orton has been advised by doctors to take at least two months off following a recurrence of the illness that has plagued her for years, can reveal.

The move has led to the cancellation of a low-key Irish tour and all other promotional activities.

A spokesperson for Orton‘s record company Heavenly explained that the problems resurfaced last Friday (April 14), adding, “She’d just come off tour and went to hospital for one of her regular check-ups. She thought she was fine but the doctors immediately put her back on a strict diet and ordered her to take two months off.


“She’s just worn out really. She has Crohn’s Disease and it never goes away. I don’t want to make it sound as though she’s whining and always ill because she’s not. She’s been working working hard for two years but has this thing that rears from time to time and forces her to go on a diet that amounts to pretty much just rice.”

Crohn’s Disease effects the intestines and bowel, and eating certain foods can leave the sufferer in crippling pain.

The Heavenly spokesman said the tour had been organised by a friend of Orton’s, and that he wasn’t aware if there were any plans to reschedule the shows.

The five dates were to have kicked off in Cork on Thursday next (April 27) and taken in Kilkenny and Galway before finishing up in Belfast on May 3.

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