The girls tell NME.COM they're fine - but are worried about girl bands flooding the pop market...

B*WITCHED have phoned NME.COM to deny rumours that they’ve been dropped from their label – but accused girl bands of “flooding the market”.

Rumours have been circulating that B*Witched are due to be release from their contract with Epic Records, but Edele from band phoned us to set the record straight. “I heard that – but it’s not true!” she tells us. “It’s definitely not true, but it keeps our name out there I suppose! I mean our second album did a lot better than people think to be making that kind of comment. There wasn’t any stage when we thought we’d be dropped.”

The band have just returned from a lengthy tour of the States. “It was brilliant,” Edele says. “It was sold out and everyone who was on the tour with us was nice. It was two and half months, which was hard work but it was nice being on stage every night because the only band in England who can tour for more than a couple of weeks at a time is Steps.”

B*Witched have recorded a version of Toni Basil‘s ‘Mickey’, recently covered by Lolly, for the soundtrack of US cheerleading flick ‘Bring It On’. “Initially,” Edele explains, “because I don’t like Lolly‘s ‘Mickey’ at all, I was like ‘What? My God!’ but our producer had been working on the backing track and when we heard that we actually quite liked it, and it’s enjoyable to perform. They just asked us to do it , they wanted ‘Mickey’ to go on the end credits and they thought we were the perfect band to do it.”

On the subject of B*Witched‘s prolonged absence from the UK, Edele says that the band are making the most of their time out of the public eye. “I don’t think we’ve lost momentum as such,” she explains. “We haven’t been on the TV, and the last single didn’t do as well as we would have liked but it’s good to take a break. We want to get our music more right the next time round. We’re quite happy to take time out and people still like us so they’ll be looking forward to our next single.”

Edele also seems glad that B*Witched established themselves when they did. “There are so many girl bands out at the moment and the market is so flooded, the kids are going ‘Well, who am I supposed to like?’ because there’s too many of them. They don’t seem to be letting anybody new in at the moment – there’s loads of new bands out there but none of them seem to be doing particularly well. Maybe their singles do okay but their albums don’t, it’s really odd. The one I found strange was Billie‘s album the other week, and Mel B‘s album of course is weird.”

B*Witched are planning to release their third album during Spring 2001, with an array of new producers joining long-time collaboratoe Ray Hedges. The ‘Bring It On’ soundtrack, which features ‘Mickey’ plus tracks from Daphne & Celeste, Atomic Kitten, Blaque and Sister2Sister, is out now on Epic.