Beyonce’s father sells her old belongings for £1,200 at a garage sale

Matthew Knowles was fired as Beyonce’s manager in 2011

Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles has sold a large array of the singer’s old possessions at a garage sale in Houston.

Items included an array of Beyonce memorabilia including T-shirts and CDs from across the singer’s career, dating back to Knowles’ time with Destiny’s Child.

As Click 2 Houston reports, the sale took place outside Matthew Knowles’ business, the Music World Entertainment Complex.

Addressing whether the sale had come as a result of needing financial help, Knowles – who was fired from the position of Beyonce’s manager in 2011 and split from Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles amidst allegations of infidelity – denied the claims.

“Somehow it became that we’re homeless, going out of business and selling Beyonce’s stuff to stay alive,” said Matthew Knowles. “If I needed money, I wouldn’t sell a $5 T-shirt, I’d sell a Grammy or an MTV Award.”

Knowles was selling three T-shirts for $10 (£6.40), with the proceeds of the sale expected to reach around £1,285 ($2,000).

Meanwhile, Beyonce recently shared photos from her and Jay-Z’s holiday to Iceland, taking to Instagram to post photos of the couple holidaying over the Christmas period.