Beyoncé shares photos from her and Jay Z’s holiday to Iceland

The couple visited the country to celebrate Jay Z's 45th birthday

Beyoncé has shared a number of photos from her and Jay-Z‘s recent holiday to Iceland.

The singer took to Instagram to post the pictures, which see her and her rapper husband posing in front of a waterfall, playing in the snow and flying in a helicopter over the snow-covered landscape. Billboard reports that the pictures come from a trip that the couple took earlier this month to celebrate Jay Z’s 45th birthday.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Meanwhile, Beyoncé, Jay Z and producer Timbaland have reportedly been sued over the Beyoncé hit single ‘Drunk in Love’ by a Hungarian singer who claimed the artists used one of her songs without permission.

The lawsuit filed by singer Monika Miczura, aka Mitsou, maintains that her 1995 song ‘Bajba, Bajba Pelem’ was used for the first 13 seconds of the Beyoncé track. According to TMZ, she is now seeking damages and has requested that a judge prohibit the song from being played until her voice is removed.

Mitsou said her voice was digitally manipulated using Auto-Tune and various edits for the Beyoncé version. She added that her song is about hopelessness yet Beyoncé used it “to evoke foreign eroticism alongside the sexually intense lyrics”.

‘Drunk In Love’ was one of two singles released by Columbia Records from Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled album in 2013. Beyoncé and husband Jay Z both feature on the track and performed it together at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in January.