Beyoncé dances around hotel room in new ‘7/11’ video – watch

Track taken from upcoming 'Platinum Edition' of the singer's self-titled album

Beyoncé has unveiled a new video for the track ‘7/11’.

The seemingly unchoreographed piece features the singer dancing around a hotel room and balcony in a wide variety of sweatshirts and underwear. Click above to watch.

The song itself was only released yesterday (November 11) and, along with ‘Ring Off’, will feature as bonus tracks on the ‘Platinum Edition’ of the Beyoncé’s self-titled album, which was originally released last year.

This new set – due to come out on Monday (November 24) – also includes four previously unreleased remixes featuring Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay Z and Pharrell Williams, as well as a live DVD of performances from the ‘Mrs Carter World Tour’.

Beyonce was recently named the top-earning female artist of 2014 by Forbes, ahead of second place Taylor Swift. A combination of sales figures, lucrative live shows, sponsorship deals with brands such as Pepsi and H&M and other endorsements such as fragrance and clothing lines contributed to her income of $115m (£71.8m).